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Live at Our Place xicoribas and Ardemar Omar Me

Zaterdag 24 juni 2023 | Treehouse NDSM | Amsterdam-Noord (Amsterdam)
These live performances by Xico Ribas & Ardemar, and Omar Medina, are part of 'Live at our Place', a series of monthly intimate concerts by Treehouse NDSM’s musicians-in-residence. On an evening with experimental sounds and live visuals, our industrial Pavilion building will be tuned to the musician’s particular style and vibe.
xicoribas and Ardemar’s new project, ‘may Nature gambol!’, is an audiovisual performance for improvised piano, live electronics, and visuals. The audience will be transported into a new dimension where chaos seems to seems to organise itself into beautiful sounds and visual architectures. Omar Medina will bring IDM (Intelligent dance music), soundscapes, digital jazz, 20th Century nostalgia, and dark atmospheres contrasted by synth fantasia and algorithmically generated beats.
We invite you to our place, grab a drink, sit on the couch (or dance!), and enjoy the tunes that our talented community is working on during their stay at Treehouse NDSM.
*xicoribas and Ardemar are supported by Keep an Eye Foundation.


Zaterdag 24 juni 2023: 20.00 uur

van 20h tot 00h.
Controleer voor een bezoek altijd even de aanvangstijden op de website van het optreden zelf.


11,20 euro.


Treehouse NDSM
T.t. Neveritaweg 55-57
1033 WB Amsterdam-Noord (Noord-Holland)
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